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ePass Montana provides access to all authorized eGovernment services using one username and password.

How do I add my own URLs to my ePass Montana Dashboard page?

Just type the URL into the 'My Favorites' section of the ePass Montana Dashboard page, enter a name for the link, and click 'Add'. You can add as many links as you like. You may delete the links at any time.

How do I manage my services?

Click on 'Manage your Account Services' link or click on the Edit link next to 'Your Services' and 'Add a Service?' Then you can remove services from 'Your Services' by clicking on the Remove icon next to the service or you can add a link to a favorite URL under the 'My Favorites' areas or you can click on the Add icon next to a service to add under 'Add a Service?'. Click on 'I'm Finished' when you want to save these changes.

How do I switch between accounts?

If you have logged into ePass Montana with multiple accounts you will see these buttons under the Welcome message for each logged in account. The current account is highlighted in white. To switch to another account, click on the account button for that account.

How do I log in with another account?

Account options are listed under Other Accounts on the ePass Montana Dashboard. To log into another account click on the buttons displayed below 'Login With Another Account'.

How do I edit my account information?

You can edit your account by logging into ePass Montana and selecting 'Edit Your Account Information' from Account Information area on the ePass Montana Dashboard page. Note: you can edit your account information only for your ePass account.